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Welcome, lovelies!

June 01, 2016 2 min read 1 Comment

Hello there!

Welcome to Fox Hollow Boutique’s new and improved website! I figured after revamping our site that I should officially introduce myself. My name is Jessica. I’m the proud owner of FHB.

You’re probably wondering how this all got started. Growing up I danced, acted, painted, and just had an absolute love for the arts. I always felt it was an outlet to be myself and break out of my shell as a shy, little girl. Fashion does just that! My style was ever changing, from band tees and Converses to bright colors and prints. It was evolving with the person I was becoming. At times, people judged me and weren’t kind based off of what I looked like. I won’t sit here and lie by saying it didn’t hurt (I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve). It did, but I never changed who I was because what I was wearing made me feel good. This helped me to grow intro the strong, confident woman I am today. Style is a way to really express yourself and who you are. Also, it builds confidence. Wearing a certain dress or top can make you feel like you can accomplish absolutely anything!

For me, FHB is more than just a boutique. It’s a place where women of all shapes and sizes can embrace their natural beauty through style. I make sure that we bring in affordable, fun, and comfortable clothing as well as accessories to make every individual feel confident and beautiful.

By no means am I your typical “fahsionista.” I enjoy effortless fashion. What is that? You know, all the little Pinterest hair and make up hacks or throwing on something comfortable like a cute tee and fun, vibrant scarf with a pair of adorable boots. I am obsessed with boots. It’s terrible, I have a whole closet at my house dedicated to my shoes - boots mainly 

I want to thank my supportive boyfriend, family, and friends as well as all of you for making this dream become a reality. I am so excited to not only share some beautiful fashions with you, but I also hope that everything we provide here makes you smile when you look in the mirror and helps you realize you are bold, beautiful, and can accomplish anything.

Happy Shopping! xoxo

1 Response

 Donna Chalmers
Donna Chalmers

April 20, 2018

Hey Jessica! We met last year when I was visiting Altoona in the fall. You were getting ready for your wedding! I am on the arts Altoona team and we talked briefly about plans for downtown. I purchased a top from you. Now I know you probably don’t remember me but I have been receiving your special offers. I would like to talk to you about my next trip up there and some work I’ll be doing in the Washington Jefferson community. Please call me at your convenience at 6785703481 or tell me when would be a good time for me to call you. Looking forward to talking to you! Donna

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